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every subscription with customers. read more of the response on the news is far from over. the news edge at 11 starts right now. developing off the top tonight, a suspect opens fire into a large crowd hitting seven people. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. thank you for joining us. the police were called to minnesota avenue in northeast p. s the metrotyto ill no sign of the shooter. roz plater has been following this all evening and joins us live with details. >> reporter: officers are fanned out looking for the shooter who seeped -- opened fire into the crowd earlier in the evening. the trouble is right now they don't know who or why. just after 6, there were rapids of people along minnesota avenue near a bus stop outside of the metro station. that is when police say someone walked up and opened fire. mothers, which were, teenagers
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scrambled for cover but seven were hit and police don't know why. some witnesses say it may have started at an earlier go go event. >> people shoots because of what happened down paradise day because people were shooting down there and they came up and started shooting around minnesota. >> reporter: investigators tell us that is one possibilitiy that looking into. >> we did have earlier an event, a go-go event in the sixth district and they had let out, it was a large crowd and possibly again, unconfirmed, i'm not tieing it to that either, but possibly some of the people were connected with that event. >> reporter: police spent hours trying to reconstruct the scene and campus witness -- canvass witnesses and have little to go on still. the good new in all of this, none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. the youngest victim is 14 years old. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> thank you, roz.
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a marine from a.ea xandre has been killed fighting in afghanistan. e.fwas shot by enemy ir a irfe. def dmer journalist, he de to join the marines after 9/11 serving two tours of duty in iraq before about being -- being sent to afghanistan. >> after 9/11, he just wanted -- felt he needed to do something to serve his country in a way he never had and keptings he needed to be t hei military. >>e eant rgbill care was 40 car0 years ol cd anhis wife was pregnant with twins and they're due in november. everywhere at 11, starting in myanmar tonight. virginia senator jim webb won the release of an american prisoner. myanmar's ruling generals agreed to hang over -- hand over the 53-year-old mormon who was sentenced to seven years hard labor for -- [ indiscernible ] the democracy leader who chi who is urn house
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arrest and not allowed visitors. he will leave myanmar tomorrow and the senator asked for fu chi's release. a sore ankle won't keep michael phelps from training. the swimmer sd heas fine and expressed concern for a woman who ran a red light and hit his suv. this happened thursday night in baltimore. phelps was driving with an invalid out-of-state license and was not fined but will have to appear in court. a big scare for boaters in the potammyak river. their 21-foot boat got stuck on rocks and the rose cue crews say they misjudged the shallowness of the water and got wet between some -- wedged between under water rocks. no one was hurt. president obama continuing his healthcare battle and it's getting personal. he held a up to hall meeting in grand junction, colorado, using his own experience of losing his grandmother just last year to convince the crowd that an
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overhaul would not include so- called death panels. he blames his critics are spearheading misinformation. not everywhere in america is suffering from poor healthcare. rocky mountain healthcare in colorado is ranked among the best. alicia acuna finds out how they did it. >> hi, betty. look at my tomatoes. >> reporter: 75-year-old alice likes showing off her tiny garden. >> we just picked three this morning. not as much as she enjoys bragging about her hmo. >> i appreciate. they give me diet advice, they give me bathing advice, skin advice. >> reporter: alice is not the only one big on roque mountain health plan. over the past decade, her hmo has been recognized as being tops in the nation. >> it's a matter of healthy to coordinate the care all the way around. >> reporter: dr. john hob kip -- hopkins, the ceo, said their county has more primary caring
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if says than most others. they also put patient's data into a central system so team members can keep patients on track. >> look at this. [ indiscernible ] >> one of the most effective areas is transitional care. nurses make house calls. what might sound like an expensive prospect, multiple visits a week for a nurse is saving rocky mountain health plan millions. small things report missed. if ignored e they could land patients in the hospital. >> if you have to get sicker and sicker and sicker at home until you're on death's door before you're rushed to the e.r. by a hospital ambulance, there is $20,000 that didn't need to be spent right now. >> reporter: grand junction has one of the lowest rehospitalization rates in the country. folks spend a third of the time in the hospital than elsewhere for about a third the cost. >> make sure your ears are okay. >> we v i think, this notion that more care creates quality.
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and what examples like grand junction and others show is that it's not more care but the right care. >> rocky mountain health plan is non-profit, which they insist works better for all involved. >> the most important thing is collaboration opposed to competition. >> the folks here believe this can work elsewhere, too. a tough sell during time of debate n. grand junction, colorado, alossia a kahn a fox news. in the market for a new car? cash for clunkers is all the rage right now. if you want used, wait for our cyberedge report. how to make sure you're not getting a damaged ride coming up. gary. and hot today and looks like the heat continues. it's not going to be the oppressive heat with humidity. the humidity will come back. i'll tell you when coming up in my complete forecast. n
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>> whaty day in the tropics, one and two tropical storms formed, anna and bill. one storm is forecasted to become a hurricane. anna is not to be a hurricane but a tropical storm. is this some time in the next seven or eight days, anna may make a run for the gulf of mexico and that looks like
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tropical storm bill become a -- become a hurricane in two days and sor seven guys -- days in the bahamas. these are two storms that we'll be watching quite closely this week and again, the first couple of stoms this season. 89 the high for reagan today and dulle, warmer at 90 and bwi at 86 degrees. the humidity is not bad and as a matter of fact, not much of a heat index up over the temperature today and that will chanag national, 78; dulles, 77; bwi is 72 and a lot of rain on the deep south of florida. as a matter of fact, the hurricane center was watching something down here and they still watching something well- south of the keys down there and that could be something of interest over the next fw days and back here at home, we're doing good. we have a couple of clouds out there and we're all dry at this point and overnight tonight, temperatures staying mild in the 60s and 70s,
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fredericksburg, 71; warrenton, phone and back here at home, the temperatures in the 60s. another warm one tomorrow. the high pressure in control and we'll have a little bit of cloud cover and all things considered, not going to be bad tomorrow. a little on the hot side. monday, hot, too and we get into late monday, tuesday that is when the humidity really starts to come back for this 92 on tuesday. may feel more like 95 or 96. wednesday, thursday, it will be humid and we'll have more clouds in here. at least a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms hence the temperatures just a little bit cool or wednesday and thursday. so, enjoy the rest of the weekend. looks pretty good. we had a couple of storms. maureen, will. >> all right. >> have a good sunday. >> thanks. football season we know is here. you know what that also mns? fantasy football is back. but, where do you go to get started? >> and that career switch you have been contemplating could be a mouse click away. rem own lewis has tonight's
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cyberedge. -- regrena lewis has more. >> reporter: an estimated 16 million armchair quarterbacks are expected to participate in the fantasy football league this season, plotting out their draft day strategy. sites like make it easy for players to run their own fantasy league or participate in one. keeps things going allison long with scoring and staff and standing and if getting the kids back to school frees up some time in your daily schedule, maybe it's your turn for higher education. taking classes online from hope, known as e-learning is a big trend. before you make a move, visit, a free online resource with more than 300 accredited college and university partners. in a few clicks, you will have detailed information on more than 1600-degree and certification programs and if you're in search of a used car online or offline, you want to be sure you're not slapping
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down the bick buck -- big bucks on what might be damaged goods. before you buy used, cruise over to the national insurance crime bureau has a new free service called vin check. the service can tell you if the car has been reported stolen in an accident or damaged in a fire or flood. to locate your car's vin or vehicle identification number, look on the driver-side dish i -- dashboard. for more on these websites featured g to and then look for the web link spot on the main page. all right, in case we want to thank you for making us your news choice for this saturday. that is it for us. for news and information 24/7, fox 5 news always on. ou>> it. g take it out. >> taking it out. >> on-- on air and online. ace'> brek tomorrow at 6, 10 and 11. keep it here. dave ross is standing by bwith ge ico sports extra two minutes away. good job. >> thank you. 
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>> good evening, everybody. dave ross with you and welcome to another rousing edition of geico sports extra. ahead in the show, tiger woods trys to hold on to his lead at the pga championship and the nats with another win. we begin with what else, the burgundy and gold. two days after suffering an embarrassing 23-0 shutout loss, the redskins have been hard at work and preparing for preseason game number 2. game number one didn't go with the plan. the game doesn't count. let's not all push the panic
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button just yet. after the first loss to the ravens, back to work for the burg aroundy and gold in asho burn. the skins can't muster much offense but 196 total yards. granted, jason campbell didn't have portis or moss at his disposal. next week, the world-champion e eelers come to town th pl the players and compes know it wot be easy. >> when you're down like, that makes you less confident. we have to get it going and i'm excited. it doesn't get easier. we're facing aurguably the best defense in the national football league coming up and baltimore, if they second, it's close. their good football team is coached very well. >> meanwhile in philadelphia, today was day one of michael vick's comeback to the nfl. his first practice since eagle green came and went without
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incident and with a few protestors on hand. today was about vick reacclimating himself to the football field. he took part in the morning practice doing light drills and trying to kick the rust off of his football body. the 29-year-old has been out of the until since 2006, after being convicted on dog-fighting charges landing him in a federal penitentiary for 18 months. he didn't speak to reporters after the first practice but after getting out of the practice, he did say, quote, this feels weird. when we come back, tiger woods, nothing weird with him. stalking his prey at the pga championship. major championship number 15, a foregone conclusion. why the numbers may suggest so. and how would you like to get hit in the head with a 94 miles an hour fastball? ouch! no thanks, i'll pass. david wright didn't have that option. a painful geico sports extra continues in two minutes. hearts happy...
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...and big hearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. (cheerios spilling) cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big.
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>> welcome back to the show, everybody. tiger woods is get soggy close to major title number 15 and pretty much if he leads that for three rounds, he wins. in his career, toyinger is 36 and 1. had the lead interestinggo -- going into a final round and a perfect plan- 0 into the majors. my advice for the rest of the feel, good luck. the guy started out great and teeinger with the laser approach on the second hole to get him to 8-under par and looked like he might run away with it. the competition comes from two gas -- guys. the first, this guy. the irishman and shot 2-under. i hot it -- shot 3-under,
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rather. just two boota -- bats and yang, enough with the pictures. it's a parking lot. on 16, the and back to tiger on 14. landing from the friend and the birdie. tiger, a 1-under 71, at 8-under and has the two-stroke lead. >> the fan is slip error hearing out of the hourglass for the nats. right-handed pepper steven straussberg and acknowledged it may not happen. >> as a matter of fact, the nats say they have put up a deal, not just any deal, but a record deal for vase beg. according to cassen, that was worth living the $10.5 million the cubs gave on you mark prior in 2001, still the most ever given to a draft pick and until midnight monday night to get the deal done or stratford will go into the draft and the nats
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will receive the number two pick next year. he has, quote, no idea if something will be worked out with 48 hours to go and counting. how about to the nats in, taking on the reids. dunn against the former team and adam dunn is so strong and doesn't have to get a lot of it to get it out and that is what it is there. the 31st home run of the year and the os lose to the angels 5- 1. and dodger now, taking on toronto. inhe 30th minute until he changes all of that. drives it away and the header. toronto blanks united 2-0 and they continue to struggle on the road with one win in 12 coptastes. the washington freedom in play-off action against scott blue f.c. this guy was tight. oh, oh, the friends seal the
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brazilian and score. this is your game winner. the freedom season is over and -- [ indiscernible ] 2-1. our great laky 15 minutes of fame goes to david wright from virginia beach and earns it the hard way. why? that is why. got drilled in the noggin with a 94 miles per hour fastball from the giants matt haines and suffered a concussion. here's why he hits the award. he's down and out and gets up eventually and walks up on his own tower. we're back moment. ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching?
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>> and welcome back once again on the first day of training camp last year, two defensivens went down and the next day, the redskins made the trade for jason taylor. this year's camp has been devoid of serious injury and taylor is absent as well, now back in miami. as anthony amy points out, the man who wears his old number can be a better fit for the burgundy and gold. >> reporter: the redskins
11:27 pm
newest star on the field in burgundy and gold. jason taylor practicing wit his new teammates the first time. >> takes the field, number 55 and is tall, handsome, rich. everyone wants his autograph. >> reporter: one year ago at this time, the redskins park was buzzed and fans clamoring for a look or autograph at jason taylor. this time around when it comes to 55, many fans don't know who he is. >> watch the game. it's 55 and i caught his number and name. i can't remember. >> -- [ indiscernible ] jason taylor. >> i have no idea. >> do you know who numberrive if is -- 55 is on the redskins this year? [ indiscernible ] >> yeah, who is number 55 this year? >> reporter: for the record, number 55 this season is robert thomas, an rit errorrer -- 8- year veteran linebacker drafted in the first round by st. louis in 2002. >> start from the bottom up, you know, working hard each day
11:28 pm
and making myself a name out here. being sorry rounded by the type of player on the defense and behind us and you're supposed to cure everywhere. do your job and be, you know, get the job done. what he has going for him is his ability to apply all three linebacker positions, meaning despite the lack of hoopla surrounding this year's 55, he's probably a better fit for the redskins defense than taylor was. >> he stepped up in the game and had a presence making some plays, being there in coverage. being there on the line of scrimmage and in his gap and he helped us on special teams. so, as he continues to improve, you know, he's going to make a spot for himself. i pride myself in learning all three and you never know, you know -- making it more valuable to the team and playing the position and just, you know -- it would be easier. >> reporter: right now, thomas is listed as the backup and the
11:29 pm
weak side lined backup, meaning he's one play away from being in a position to let everyone remember his name. anthony amy, fox 5 sport. >> thank you very much, of course, the redskins next saturday looking to improve. i have to improve after what i did thursday night against the ravens, they will welcome the world championship winning pittsburgh steelers on saturday. many thanks to my producer travis thomas and amy. tomorrow, dave feldman is back in the hot seat for another rousing edition of geico sports extra. good night, everyone. see you soon.

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